Nestled in the middle of Chinatown and Soho. 
A small Malaysian Cafe Restaurant serving our family recipes to you every day.


London, UK

The Beginning


After relocating to London from Johor in the 1980s, owner Rosa was unable to find any authentic Malaysian cuisine anywhere. Homesick for the rustic tastes of her childhood – and her favourite street food, laksa (a fragrant rice vermicelli soup cooked in coconut milk) – she set up C&R Café with her husband in 1998.

The aim?
To satisfy their nostalgic longing for delicious Malay fare, and to share the food they love with London.


London, UK

The Mission


For more than 20 years, we hope you can walk in and experience a little taste of Malaysia. From the hectic fast paced nature of the hawker centres, the teh tarik of mamak stalls to the small bites of kopitiams. We hope to replicate the same sights, sounds and taste of Malaysia, providing Malay expats with a sense of home.  We are your best kept secret in the middle of Soho and Chinatown. 


London & Johor 

The Family


All our front of house and back of house are treated like family. 
All our recipes are family recipes passed down for generations. You will not only find classics like Nasi Lemak and Malay Curry Chicken. Also our family's favourite dishes, such as Teo Cheow Pork Belly (潮州魯肉飯), Mein Fan Kuih (麵粉粿), Five Spice Lok Bak (五香)  and Carrot Cake (馬來菜頭粿). These dishes are typical of any Malay Chinese household and we provide our customers with our homemade family cooking.